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Seaphony —
6.5. — 8.6.
Alte Münze

Immersive exhibition in Berlin

Seaphony -
Life on planet Ocean
6.5. - 8.6.2022
Alte Münze, Berlin

The exhibition SEAPHONY takes the sea to Berlin, with three immersive installations and an associated programme of artist talks and panels.
Experience the deep Ocean and its unique soundscapes through spatial sounds, light and imagination. Virtual reality and three dimensional audio tableaus let you immerse yourself in a world that can seem otherworldly unreal, always sensual and often fragile.

The Symphony of Life on Planet Ocean

Without the Ocean, there would be no life on planet Earth, which should actually be called planet Ocean. For the ocean covers more than two thirds of the earth. It is the origin of all life, a living, sentient cosmos.
The audiovisual installation SEAPHONY with a spatial multichannel composition by british sound artist Chris Watson in collaboration with spatial sound specialist Tony Myatt takes you on a 3D-audiovisual journey under the surface of the seas and oceans to celebrate and experience the most sound rich environments on the planet; crustaceans on a coral reef, the haunting siren songs of seals and the voices of the largest and loudest animals which have ever lived, the great whales.

The experience presents the remarkable underwater soundscape of the oceans as a spatial, audiovisual composition. SEAPHONY interweaves original recordings of whales, dolphins, penguins, seals, fish, icebergs and glaciers into a planet wide deep ocean experience by connecting all these animals and habitats with the sounds and rhythms of the ocean currents. The piece will also reflect upon the increasing noise pollution human actions have introduced into these ancient environments, the effects on marine life and what we are doing to restore the natural balance.

The unique collaboration between sound artists Chris Watson and Tony Myatt with light artist Theresa Baumgartner, lets you experience this spatial 22-channel 360-sound art alongside spacial transformations in light and colour.

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Seaphony - artists and installations

The immersive audiovisual installation is composed by Chris Watson, a founding member of the avantgarde band Cabaret Voltaire, a composer and one of the world's most distinguished specialists in natural sound recordings. SEAPHONY is based on his underwater recordings from all over the world's oceans. Developed in collaboration with spatial sound specialist Tony Myatt featuring a sculptural light installation by Berlin artist Theresa Baumgartner.

Artists of SEAPHONY Installation
Field Recording & Composition: Chris Watson
Additional Sound Recording & Spatial Sound: Tony Myatt
Light sculptures & staging: Theresa Baumgartner

SEAPHONY is accompanied by two other immersive installations: The virtual reality experience THE BONE by Michelle-Marie Letelier takes you into a mythical intermediate world between the deep sea and the universe, reality, dream and utopia, into the stream of consciousness of a sea creature. The audio tableaus OCEAN.WORLD.MODULES by wittmann/zeitblom throw light on the taming of the oceans by man. Background information on the threats to the oceans and how you can help protect the sea is shown by contributions by Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz (BUND).

Please note that there may be waiting times for THE BONE and OCEAN.WORLD.MODULES due to limited space available.

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Support & partner

SEAPHONY exhibition is a project by OCEANS21, supported by Interactive Media Foundation, in cooperation with Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Germany (BUND), Deutschlandfunk. Media partner Geo and radioeins. OCEANS21 and SEAPHONY exhibition are network partners of UN Ocean decade Germany. A special thanks to the teams of Tranzept and Alte Münze for their great support on location.

Seaphony Installation - Trailer

Seaphony - a spatial sound & light art work

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When & Where

06.05. - 08.06.2022

Alte Münze
Am Molkenmarkt 2
10179 Berlin

Public transport nearby
S: Alexanderplatz
U: Klosterstr. / Rotes Rathaus
Bus: 200 / 248
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Saturday 07.05. / 15.15 - 18.00
Inside Seaphony - Artist talks
Moderation Britta Steffenhagen

15.15: What does the ocean sound like and how can it be made accessible to us earthbound beings?
Chris Watson, Tony Myatt, and Theresa Baumgartner give insight into their symphony of the ocean.

16.30: With virtual reality into the world of wild and farmed salmon
Michelle-Marie Letelier and Nicolás Lartaun on The Bone

17.15: Less plastic is sea.
Isabel Ott on the idea behind Funky Seats

Thursday 12.05.
is an offer for schools to discuss the background of the exhibition with experts from the Marine Conservation Office of the German branch of Friends of the Earth Germany (BUND).

Thursday 12.05. / 17.00 - 18.00 pm
Meere, Menschen und Makrelen:
Discussion evening on fisheries and climate justice
with Alex Struck, Valeska Diemel and Jemila Nesredin-Said
Why is eating fish political? What do mackerel have to do with the climate crisis? And where is the connection between fisheries policy and the causes of flight?
An event organised by BUNDJugend (in German)

Wednesday 08.06. / World Oceans Day
In the morning, MeerZeit will offer schools the opportunity to discuss the background to the exhibition with experts from the Marine Conservation Office of Friends of the Earth Germany (BUND).

Mittwoch 08.06. / 17.00 - 18.00 Uhr
BUND Talk "What underwater noise, marine protection and climate protection have in common".

With Lilian Busse, Vice-President of the Federal Environment Agency, Michelle-Marie Letelier, experts from the BUND Marine Protection Office and BUNDJugend.
Organised by BUND and BUNDJugend.

Opening hours & tickets

Monday 14.00 - 22.00
Tuesday & Wednesday closed
Thursday 14.00 - 22.00
Friday 14.00 - 22.00
Saturday 12.00 - 22.00
Sunday 12.00 - 22.00

Admission 14 EUR
Concessions with ID 12 EUR
Youths (aged 6-16) 10 EUR
For safety reasons, children under the age of 6 are unfortunately not allowed to visit.

Admission only via pre-booked online time slots.
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Seaphony exhibition at a glance

Spatial sound & light art installation
Chris Watson / Tony Myatt / Theresa Baumgartner
approx. 50’ / scheduled screenings
World premiere

The Bone
Virtual Reality Installation
Michelle-Marie Letelier
approx. 18’ (total experience)
German premiere

Binaural Audio Tableaus
featuring FUNKY SEATS by Isabel Ott
approx. 40’ (total experience)
World premiere


Press materials for download: Press releases, video teasers, logos, images, artist biographies
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Press contact:
Yvonne von Duehren
vdpr PR-Beratung und Kulturkommunikation
T: 0163 55 23 221
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Contact for schools:
For questions and group bookings
please contact
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„Oceans are the largest and most sound-rich habitat on the planet.“
Chris Watson, sound recordist, artist & composer
„..the installation is one of the very few ways that people can really engage with full three-dimensional sound.“
Tony Myatt, sound artist, engineer & academic
"I try and disturb the sense of space as much as possible. You don’t really know when the room ends and where it starts. The dimensions create this ocean vastness."
Theresa Baumgartner, light artist
"How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when clearly it is Ocean."
Arthur C. Clarke, Author

Other installations in the exhibition


The diverse audio tableaus OCEAN.WORLD.MODULES by wittmann/zeitblom throw light on the taming of the oceans by man. Oscillating between sounds of nature and art , you drift through electroacoustic sound worlds, traversing not only oceans but also space and time.

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The Bone - Virtual Reality

The virtual reality installation by Michelle-Marie Letelier draws you into the consciousness of wild and farmed salmon. In a mythical intermediate world between deep sea and universe, reality, dream and utopia, it impressively gives us an idea of the so different living conditions and questions the increasing alienation between humans and nature.

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Berlin / Germany

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